Note: TripAdvisor comprises, and

TripAdvisor publishes an inquiry feed. TripAdvisor requires 5 or more listings to participate in the feed. All inquiries from TripAdvisor,, and will be included in the feed.

If you have less than 5 properties you are welcome to ask TripAdvisor to put you on the feed, however we cannot guarantee they will do it.

Get Integrated to TripAdvisor

Please follow the instructions for getting integrated to TripAdvisor. This is the first step. Without getting integrated to TripAdvisor there is no way for us to pull inquiries into Lodgix.

Enable the TripAdvisor Inquiry Feed

Go here:

Enable the inqury feed, enter your TripAdvisor account id and click Validate to confirm it's in the feed. If it does not validate, it's not in the feed and you need to contact TripAdvisor at

TripAadvisor Response Metrics

All inquiries responded to via Lodgix will count towards your TripAdvisor response metrics.

How does the response rate work?

In order to calculate an accurate response rate, you’ll need to respond to each inquiry and booking request (we recommend within 24 hours!). To receive credit for responding:

  • Reply directly to the inquiry notification email

  • Reply via the TripAdvisor app

  • Reply via your TripAdvisor message Inbox

  • Accept or decline booking requests

How is my response rate calculated?

Your response rate is calculated based on the number of inquiries and booking requests responded to within 24 hours out of the last 20 inquiries and booking requests received. Your response rate is based on all properties you list on TripAdvisor, and you do not receive a separate rating per listing. The response rate does not include any inquiries or booking requests from the last 24 hours, since these are still considered open.

For example, if you reply to 15 out of 20 inquiries and booking requests, then your response rate will be 75%.

Guest Email Addresses vs. Pass Through Emails

When a TripAdvisor inquiry is parsed into Lodgix, an email address is included to which you can respond. If your listing is pay per booking, only a pass through email will be provided. This means that the email will be a system generated email that must pass through TripAdvisor to reach the guest. You will not have access to the guests actual email address.

For subscription listings, both the pass through and guest email are provided. The inquiry in Lodgix will display the actual guest email. When you respond, the email will go directly to the guest. A short message will also be sent to the pass through email address, alerting TripAdvisor that you have responded and ensuring that you are credited towards your TripAdvisor response metrics. This message will be passed to the guest as well, and will read as follows "Thanks for your inquiry. If you haven't received a direct response from us yet, one should be arriving shortly"

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