Additional trigger conditions and actions are made available to those that have added the optional employees module to their account. These options are only shown after the employees module is made active.

Today's Date Trigger, Condition Setup

Set the condition to "Today's Date..", "Equal to", and then choose whether you want the action (email) to occur twice a month or four times a month.

Today's Date Trigger, Action Setup

Same thing as in the payroll deadline trigger. You want the trigger to send an email to an employee with the name of _________ and you want to attach a 1 month PDF calendar (options for 1 week and 2 weeks as well). Fill in the email subject and the email body and SAVE the trigger!

Today's Date Trigger, Sample PDF Calendar

PDF calendar (same calendar can be shown under Calendar Tape > Print Calendar), show booked dates with a key showing the name of the guest with check-in and check-out times.

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