Lodgix can sync calendar data from Lodgix calendars with corresponding listings on TripAdvisor Rentals (formerly Flipkey.com) using iCal.

Locate the Lodgix iCal Feed

Click on the Settings > Channel Management > iCalendar menu item within Lodgix.

Importing Lodgix Calendar Data into TripAdvisor Rentals

  1. Find your property

  2. Copy the .ics (iCalendar) Export URL provided for that property. That URL must be pasted into TripAdvisor Rentals.

Login to TripAdvisor Rentals

  1. Click on the Calendar menu link (make sure the correct property is selected)

  2. The import / export buttons will show on the right

IMPORT iCAL. The import button will allow you to import iCal data from Lodgix for each property. Each property on Lodgix has it's own iCal export URL which was covered earlier in this document. That means each TripAdvisor property will need to have an iCal import URL setup for it.

  1. Copy / paste the iCal export url from Lodgix into TripAdvisor

  2. Name the iCal feed (Lodgix iCal), or whatever you want.

  3. Import

That's it. The calendar for that property will now be populated with Lodgix calendar blocks. Anytime a booking occurs on Lodgix, the TripAdvisor calendar will be updated to reflect that booking - THE NEXT TIME TRIPADVISOR POLLS THE ICAL FEED URL. That could be minutes or hours.

Note: It is not known with what frequency TripAadvisor pulls the iCal feeds from Lodgix. Most services do it several times per day.

EXPORT iCAL. When a booking occurs on TripAadviser, it's important to have your Lodgix calendar updated as quickly as possible to reflect the new booking on TripAadvisor.

That requires the opposite process. Cut / paste the iCal export url from Tripadvisor into Lodgix.

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