Overview of Online Booking Page

Lodgix will create an online booking page which can be customized via the Settings > Booking Page Editor menu item. If more than one property is setup within Lodgix, the application will display the multi-unit booking calendar to guests. If just one property is setup, the application will display the single-unit calendar to guests.

Once the guest chooses their property and dates, they will enter their billing and payment info on the booking page. Required fields will be highlighted and noted beneath the Book Now button. This page will update live as information is entered.

Calendar Page - Multi Unit Calendar

Calendar Page - Single Property Calendar

Booking Page - Step 1: Review Travel Details

Booking Page - Step 2: Guest Details

Booking Page - Step 3: Secure Payment Information

Booking Page - Step 4: Review Policies or Sign Rental Agreement

This section can also be configured to display the rental agreement for the property, and require a digital signature. Complete configuration instructions can be found here.

Booking Page - Step 5: Review & Complete Booking

Confirmation Page

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