Lodgix differentiates between different types of properties for two primary reasons: occupancy and calendaring. How you set up your properties can make a big difference in how the application works for you. 99% OF ALL LODGIX ACCOUNTS ARE SETUP AS SINGLE-UNIT PROPERTIES!

If you want the guest to be able to choose which property or room to rent, then your properties should be set up as single-unit entities.

If you want the guest to reserve only a room type (e.g. one bedroom oceanfront), and have the system (or the property manager) assign which property or room the guest is assigned, then your property should be set up as a multi-unit entity.

  • Multi-unit properties CANNOT be integrated with HomeAway, Airbnb, Booking.com, etc.

  • Multi-unit properties CANNOT be used with our property management module.

Setting Up a Multi-Unit Property

Mulit unit properties are created by selecting Properties > Setup a CondoTel, Hotel or Inn.

For a multi-unit property you can choose how many rooms (or properties) comprise a room type. If you are a small boutique hotel and have 10 one bedroom rooms that are all the same and the guest CANNOT chose the room, then a "One Bedroom" room type would be setup with a quantity of 10.

Once you determine the quantity of rooms in the room type, then the next step is determining how you want the guest to book those rooms. The default will be set to "show all rooms on online booking calendar". If this box is unchecked then a whole slew of Reservation Logic options become available which will result in only the ROOMTYPE name being displayed on the booking calendar.

The application will assign room names of "Room Name #1", "Room Name #2", etc. Each room name can be renamed to the actual name of the room by clicking on the text of the room and then clicking on the disk icon once complete.

Limitations of the Multi-Unit Setup

Properties setup as multi-units have some functionality limitations.

  1. The property management module does not work with individual rooms. It works with roomtypes, but not with rooms. So if you have a complex with 20 individually owned, one-bedroom condos, and you do not let the guest choose which condo they get to book, and you setup that complex as a multi-unit property, the property management module will not work to generate owner statements for each owner. The property management module was not designed with that property type in mind. In that instance, where owner statements are required for each condo, the condos would have to be setup as single unit properties.

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