Create a rental agreement within Settings > Templates > Documents

Note: This document reviews the basics of setting up / editing a rental agreeent.  More detailed instructions can be found in the Rental Agreement Setup - Advanced article.

Either create a new template or edit the Sample Rental Agreement template we've provided.

Set the type of PDF = Rental Agreement

If creating a new template, make sure to set the type of template = Rental Agreement

IMPORTANT! Replace any signatures in the document with the [DS_GUEST_SIGNATURE] merge tag.

THE DIGITAL SIGNATURE MERGE TAG MUST BE PRESENT TO MAKE THE SIGNING PROCESS FOR THE GUEST EASY! Without the tag, the signing process will be confusing to the guest.


Assign Rental Agreement to Property(s)

By default all properties are assigned the default rental agreement. The default rental agreement is clearly noted within the Templates list (1). If you have multiple rental agreements (usually not necessary as Custom Variables can be used to bridge those differences in most instances), you can assign specific rental agreements to specific properties on this page.

That's it, you're done! If you've enabled digital signatures for online bookings, guests will now be able to sign the rental agreement online. If you've decided not to enable digital signatures for online bookings, the guest will only be displayed your cancellation and deposit policies. 

What the Guest Sees When Booking Online

When making an online booking, there is a step (Step 3) which is where the rental agreement is displayed. At the end of the rental agreement there is an option to sign the rental agreement. Once signed AND if the booking is completed, a signed copy of the rental agreement will be emailed to the guest and saved within Lodgix.

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