Setting Up Your Website Email Form to Work with Lodgix Inquiry Management

Currently, the Lodgix inquiry management tool will only work with WordPress websites that utilize Gravity Forms for inquiry forms. Additionally, if your website is developed using PHP, your developer can utilize some provided code at the end of this tutorial to work with the Lodgix inquiry management system.

Instructions for Gravity Forms

Download the form provided by Lodgix

Go to Inquiries > Setup Items

  1. Cick on "Download Form for Import"
  2. Within WordPress, go to Forms > Import / Export
  3. Import the Form in to Gravity Forms
  4. Replace your current form with the new form from Lodgix
  5. Your inquiries will now flow in to Lodgix
  6. You must be using the Lodgix WordPress Plugin

All of the instructions below are details on how Gravity Forms can communicate directly with Lodgix. This would allow all of your inquiries originating from your website to flow in to the Inquiry Management system.

Within WordPress go to Form >Notifications >Message and then configure the form.

Email Format:

Subject: Inquiry from …





You will have to configure Gravity Forms with the exact variable for each field. 


Name: {Name:2}

Arrival Date: {Estimated Arrival Date:16}

Departure Date: {Estimated Departure Date:16}

The variables can be selected from a drop down box in gravity forms (see red arrow above). 

Add the Lodgix Inquiry Email as the "Send To Email" address for the Gravity Form

Dynamic field population for "Property" form field

IF you are using the Lodgix WordPress plugin and IF you want to use Lodgix Inquiry Management with your Gravity Form, you must have a field in the form which either the guest chooses which property they are inquiring about, or the plug-in will populate the field if they are inquiring from a specific property page. If a property is not auto-filled by the plug-in or by the guest, the form contents will simply be submitted directly to the Lodgix subscriber, bypassing the inquiry management system.

  1. Create a drop down field and title it "Rental Property" or "Property of Interest", or give it a similar title.
  2. Click on the "Advanced" Tab
  3. Under "Admin Label" enter "Property ID"
  4. Check "Allow field to be populated dynamically"
  5. For the Parameter name enter "lodgix_property_id"

This will populate the dropdown with all of the properties that you have setup within Lodgix. This is a nice feature if you have a lot of properties and your inventory experiences churn, the list of properties on the form will change depending on what properties are currently enabled within Lodgix.

Non-WordPress Form Instructions

This will work in any website as long as the email Lodgix received is in a form similar to the example below.

Start Date and End Date should be sent using the format set in Date Format:


Property ID: {Property ID}

Name: {Name}

Email: {Email}

Phone: {Phone}

Date Format: {Date Format}

Start Date: {Estimated Arrival Date}

End Date: {Estimated Departure Date}

Number of Adults: {adults}

Number of Children: {children}

Address1: {Address1}

Address2: {Address2}

City: {City}

State: {State / Province}

Zip: {(Zip / Postal Code}

Country: {Country}

Comments: {Message}



Property ID: 6434

Name: Joe Example


Phone: (123) 1234565

Date Format: mm/dd/yyyy

Start Date: 08/10/2012

End Date: 08/14/2012

Number of Adults: 2

Number of Children: 2

Address1: 150 Example Lane


City: Example Road

State: Idaho

Zip: 12345

Country: United States

Comments: more testing

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