Inquiry List

The inquiry list is a unique, dynamic interface that allows you to easily keep track of all of your inquiries in one location.

The inquiry list interface is quite informative and versatile. Information presented in this interface includes:

  1. Date the inquiry is received

  2. The source of the inquiry

  3. The most recent event

  4. The event date

  5. Any notes you want to add to the inquiry (for internal use only)

  6. Status of the inquiry

Convenient Features

Several user interface components which can improve your overall experience:

  1. Ability to set how many inquiries are to be displayed

  2. Ability to refresh the screen (in the event you want to check for any new inquiries)

  3. Ability to export to excel

Inquiry Source

The setup area above is located under the Inquiries > Configuration Options menu item.

Manual inquiries are those inquiries that are entered as a result of phone inquiries or online inquiries from sources that are not supported by our parser.

Lodgix gives you the ability to define the options for manual inquiry sources. Once the options are defined, you can select the default source by clicking on the radio button next to the source which will change the selected Default Manual Source.


When creating a new inquiry there will be a dropdown available to choose the source of the inquiry from the list setup above.


Filtering allows you filter inquiries by a range of receipt dates, as well as the ability to filter by properties.

The real-time search box will filter results as you type. Thus if you are searching for a particular inquirer's name, etc.. the search box will yield that result very quickly.


Click on the Note icon to open up the Notes box. Type in your note and click the Disk icon to save it. The note will immediately appear as a "most recent event" and also will show up in bright yellow in the communication stream within the inquiry control panel.

Status Options

The status of an inquiry is determined several factors including the age of the inquiry, whether or not the inquirer has responded and how many times the inquirer has responded, as well as the ability of the subscriber to manually set a status.

  1. New (inquiry received <=48 hours)

  2. Replied (first manual response from subscriber)

  3. Warm (1 response from inquirer)

  4. Hot (2 or more responses from inquirer)

  5. On Fire (manual setting by subscriber only)

  6. Dead (No response from inquirer >= 72 hours)

  7. Follow up (No reply from inquirer, follow up email sent if configured)

  8. Wait list (manual setting by subscriber only)

Spam Protection - Thread Enable / Disable

There is a column for "Thread" with options for enabled / disabled. Lodgix can auto disable an email thread if it's been determined that the thread is being used to send spam. This might be caused by an malware infected computer, etc.. If a thread gets disabled, and it turns our to be a false positive, the Lodgix subscriber can always re-enable the thread.

Likewise if some spam does make it undetected onto Lodgix, the subscriber can disable the thread manually. If an inquirer replies to s disabled notification thread, his message will still appear on the thread. That way, if we auto block a thread because of a false positive on a spam check, the message will not be lost.

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