Inquiry Control Panel

The Inquiry Control Panel can be accessed from the inquiry list by clicking on the first or last name of the inquirer. Within the Inquiry Control Panel the entire communication stream with the inquirer along with any subscriber notes will be shown using callout bubbles.

Sample Inquirer Communication Stream

Adding / Editing Inquirer Contact Details - Step #1

To add / edit the contact details of the Inquirer:

  1. Click on the down arrow in the upper right corner to drop down the full contact details for the inquirer.

  2. Click on the pencil icon (edit) to edit the inquirer contact record.

Adding / Editing Inquirer Contact Details - Step #2

  1. Once complete click the disk icon to save your changes.

  2. Clicking the Up Arrow in the upper right corner will again hide the contact details of the inquirer to save screen space

Inquirer Communication Stream Details

Let's dissect a typical communication stream. The numbers below correspond to the sequence in the image above.

  1. Source of the inquiry.  Each inquiry will have a source whether it be manual (phone), your website (if you have your website form configured), or a vacation rental listing site.

  2. Property Available / Not Available or Rules Not Met.  This indicator is meant to quickly alert the subscriber to the status of the property. The indicator distinguishes between a property that is not available simply because it's already been reserved or blocked and a property that is not available because the rules for that property have not been met. For example, if an inquiry arrives for a two night rental, but it's during a period where you have a three night minimum rental required, the status of the property will be noted as "Not Available" but the text displayed as the indicator will say "Rules Not Met".

  3. The down arrow when clicked will drop down the full communications stream. The most recent communication stream for a particular inquirer is always displayed in full by default. However, if the inquirer were to send an inquiry one day and then perhaps visit your website and send another inquiry, only the most recent inquiry would be full displayed. The aged inquiry would be consolidated and only visible in it's entirety by clicking the down arrow.

  4. The name of the inquirer and the date the inquiry was received.

  5. Inquiry Received, Response Sent, Note Added, etc. are all notations helping the subscriber to understand the flow of information throughout the communication stream.

  6. Property Assigned to the Inquiry. Each inquiry must be assigned to a property.

  7. The name of the subscriber or subscriber's employee whom is responding to the inquiry or adding a note to the communication stream.

  8. Notes can be added manually and automatically. When an inquiry is received and it's deemed as being unavailable, a note is added to the communication stream informing the subscriber why the property is unavailable. This is beneficial in the event the property is not available because a rule has not been met. The subscriber can then make an informed decision as to whether or not they want to continue working the lead.

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