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Note: April 12, 2023. The Lodgix inquiry management system is in the process of being recoded into a Unified Inbox. Please bear with us as we make this important transition to a much more highly functional (and useful) system to manage communications pre-booking, post-booking, from the channels, from the guest app, from your website, from sms and from email. ETA Phase 1 is mid-summer 2023.

How Inquiries Flow Through Lodgix

  1. Within Lodgix you will be issued an email address  Many channels like VRBO and Airbnb now offer messaging APIs, which make this email unnecessary, however, it still has some uses which we will explain later.

  2. You must provide a default email where you would like all inquiry notifications to be sent.

Properties are either Available or Not Available

Every channel provides a guest contact form. Although not required, a typical guest will fill in the dates they are most interested in, as well as ask a few questions about the rental.


Lodgix addresses this by parsing every inquiry to determine if a property is available or unavailable based upon the dates provided by the guest in the inquiry form. Lodgix also reviews your internal rules to determine if the rules for the property are met. Thus all inquiries are checked for availability and adherence to any rules that are setup within Lodgix to determine if the property is Available or Not Available.


An Auto-Responder is a response that is emailed to the guest WITHOUT ANY INTERVENTION on the part of the Lodgix subscriber. There are three templates that can be applied depending on whether the property is AVAILABLE,NOT AVAILABLE, or NOT AVAILABLE DUE TO RULES NOT MET. Lodgix provides a couple of sample templates, but we highly advise that you customize your templates for your own business model.

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