A VRBO guest will have two opportunities to submit a review. On the day of checkout, the guest will receive an email from VRBO that contains a link to submit a review. The guest can also submit a review from within their VRBO account.

A VRBO guest will also be prompted to leave a review for the host, if the host submits a review of the guest.

It might also be a good idea to setup a trigger within Lodgix to follow up the VRBO request, maybe 48 hours after checkout. "

You will be sending this to guests who have completed their stay. The condition should be based on departure date.

Departure date was, equal to, 2 days.

If your trigger email will reference specific channel information, then you might want to exclude all other channels from receiving this particular communication:

The subject and body of the email might look like this:

Here is an example of what your review email body might say:


Thanks for choosing to vacation with us. We hope you enjoyed your stay, and we’d like to take a moment to ask about your experience. From a swift check-in process to comfortable furnishings and on-site amenities, we take pride in offering top-notch service. Did we succeed?

Please take a moment to share your feedback! By leaving us a review, you give us the opportunity to make our service and product even better. We appreciate your feedback, and our guests do, too!

Please login to your VRBO account and take the time to say some kind words that other guests might find beneficial when choosing their next vacation.

Best regards,

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