Homeaway Review Trigger

You can set a trigger to send an email to past Homeaway / VRBO guests, encouraging them to leave a review for their stay. The following instructions will send guests directly to the Write a Review page of your listing.

Create a Custom Variable for Review URL

Click on the "Custom Variables" menu item

Click "Create new custom variable"

Configure the custom variable as shown

Add Review URLs to Each Property

The Review URL custom variable can now be found in the "Custom" tab of the property edit screen.

Add the correct Review URL

Homeaway and VRBO have different structures for their review urls. You can use the following examples, replacing the X's with the listing number of the property.



Remember to add the url to each property, using the corresponding listing number each time.

Set Trigger to Send to Past Guests

Set trigger conditions

You will be sending this to guests who have completed their stay. The condition should be based on departure day.

Add new custom variable to email body

You can insert your new Review URL custom variable into the body of the trigger email using a merge tag. This merge tag will dynamically insert the Review URL of the property into your email.

Example of trigger email body using the custom variable merge tag

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