If you collect security deposits AND if you have a universal rule within Lodgix setup to collect the security deposit "at payment of the remaining balance" then you MUST read this to setup your paid-in-full triggers correctly.

Universal Rule showing payment schedule

Is this you? If so, read on.

Trigger Setup

Setup ONE trigger that looks like this:

Meet all of the following conditions:

"Changed TO Paid-in-Full"

Meet any of the following conditions:

"Changed FROM Confirmed"

"Changed FROM Paid"

When collecting a security deposit "at payment of the remaining balance" your invoices have one additional invoice state. That state is called "Paid", which is different than "Paid-in-Full".

The "Paid" state is triggered when the total payments from the guest meet or exceed the rental charges but not enough has been collected to cover the full security deposit.

Thus you don't want a trigger email going out with the keycode to your property's lockbox until the rental charges and the security deposit have been PAID-IN-FULL. If you setup your trigger incorrectly thinking that "Paid" means "Paid-in-Full", your trigger could be sent out prematurely.

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