Invoice Status Conditions

Invoice status triggers are pretty cool and useful. There are certain types of information you just don't want sent to guests or employees unless a certain invoice status is obtained. For example:

Typically gate codes, keycodes, lockbox codes and the address of the property are sent to a guest seven (7) days prior to arrival. But no one wants to send this information to a guest until the balance of the invoice has been paid. Setting the trigger to require both conditions of:

"arrival date will be...", "equal to", "7 days" and;

"invoice status". "equal to", "paid-in-full"

will assure that the action only occurs when both of those conditions are met. Let's see how we set that up.

Example #1:

  1. If you have multiple conditions and you require that "all" conditions are met, the trigger will not fire unless both conditions are met.

  2. For less restrictive triggers, the "meets any" option will allow you to select multiple conditions and if any one condition is met the trigger will fire

  3. Don't forget about last minute reservations! If this option is not checked and you have a trigger setup to fire 7 days before arrival and a guest reservation is made 5 days prior to arrival the trigger will not be sent unless this option is checked!

  4. There are times when an invoice status trigger will be setup so that the same trigger could fire at multiple times for the same invoice as the invoice status progresses as payments are applied. Setting the option "Fire trigger only once per reservation" will ensure that the trigger is only sent once.

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