Multi Unit Calendar User Interface

All of our booking calendars were developed using HTML5. This is a fancy way of saying that our calendars will work on all mobile devices and they utilize the latest and greatest technologies to provide an incredibly easy booking experience for the guest.

The calendar is comprised of three areas:

  1. Optional Header Area (self explanatory)

  2. Arrival Date Filter Area (with ? for instructions)

  3. The calendar itself.

Arrival Date Filter Area

This is actually a filter. When an arrival date is entered into the calendar, the calendar will filter the results showing only those properties that are available on that date.


Clicking the ? will display instructions for use of the calendar.

To scroll through future dates a website visitor has two options:

#1: Use the forward and back arrows. This works on all devices and browsers.

#2: Finger swipe. On mobile devices the calendar is touch aware. A simple left or right finger swipe will move the dates forward or backward to view availability.

This means the calendar works very well with iPhones, iPads, and other tablet devices.


The multi-property calendar does support localization, however only in a Wordpress environment where Wordpress is passing the desire display language to the calendar. Our hosted online booking pages will support localization in a future release.

The current translations that are live are:

German, Dutch, Russian, Estonian and Finnish

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