Display Featured Rentals Horizontally

Featured rentals can be displayed both vertically and horizontally. Featuring your properties horizontally requires a little more configuration and the use of a third party plugin.

Go to the Settings page for the plugin @ Settings > Lodgix Settings

Go to General Display Options

Enable the horiziontal display within the Lodgix settings area of the plugin and choose to float left or right. Once done scroll to the bottom and click "Save and Regenerate".

Install Widgets on Pages

  1. You will need to install the plugin called "Widgets on Pages": http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/widgets-on-pages/.
  2. Replicate the settings as in the image above.

Drag the Lodgix "Featured Rentals" widget into the "featured" sidebar within Appearance > Widgets

Cut and Paste Shortcode into the Page where Featured Rentals should appear.

[widgets_on_pages id="featured"]

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