Additional Info Field

Each property within property setup in Lodgix has an additional info field.   This field is not fed to the channels, it is only used on your Wordpress website, if you are using the Lodgix Wordpress plugin.   

Within property setup, under the details tab, there is a field for "Additional Info". The contents of this field are only shared with the WordPress plugiin. Because this field allows HTML, it it is not shared with any of our integration partners, nor is it displayed during the online booking process.

Embedding Videos

To embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.. or to embed video tours, floorplans, etc.. you must insert the embed code within the SOURCE. Make sure to click on the SOURCE button within the editor, and then cut and paste the video embed code into the field.

Once complete your website must be regenerated for the new or updated content to appear.

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