Contact Us Settings

The plug-in will output a "Contact Us" icon within the aggregate listing page as well as each individual property page. However, the icon won't go anywhere when clicked unless the url of your contact form is specified within the plugin settings. This setting is located under Settings > Lodgix Settings > Property Detail.

Contact Options w/ Query String

Since each property has it's own Inquiry Button, it would be helpful if the referring page would pass the id of the property being inquired about to the contact us or inquiry form and pre-populate the field containing the list of properties. The query string "?lodgix_property_id=__PROPERTYID__" should be appended to your contact form url. Please note the __PROPERTYID__ contains two underscores before and after PROPERTYID.

Form Requirements using Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPress

Lodgix provides a Gravity Form for download and import that is already set up correctly for your Lodgix account. We don't provide instructions for other form plugins or for any other html based forms. However a skilled developer can review the setup options shown above for Gravity Forms and make adjustments to work with your form.

Note: The Lodgix form provided within Lodgix is set up to push your website form inquiries into the Lodgix Inquiry Management System.

If a guest clicks on the "Villa Cape Royal" contact icon, the guest will be taken to the general contact form URL specified within the plugin settings. If you are using a forms program like Gravity Forms you can set up the form to collect the query string from the URL to tell you which property the guest has questions about.

If your form is set up correctly, you can pass a hidden field that will collect the property name from query string and display it to you in the form contents. Thus if a guest leaves message text asking questions like "Does this property accept dogs?", you will know to which property they are referring to by looking at the contents of the hidden field.

How to setup Query String in Gravity Forms

Within the "edit forms" page of Gravity Forms, I've added a hidden field to the contact form. I've then checked to "allow field to be populated dynamically". The third step is to fill in the parameter name with the parameter name from the query string, which is "property".

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