Property List Settings

Customize the property list output. The live preview will adjust in real time as selections are made.

  1. Select the basic layout of your property list.   Row and grid options are available.
  2. Choose an icon set. These are used on both the property list pages and property detail pages.
  3. The live preview will adjust in real time as options are selected.
  4. Display options.  Selecting an option will change the live preview.

How to change the sort order of displayed properties.

By default, properties are displayed on your website in the order they are arranged within the List All Properties interface within Lodgix.   Guests can sort and search by bedrooms, location, price, etc.

There is one additional option to display properties in a random order.

Selecting "random order" will allow properties to be displayed in a "random order" on the /vacation-rentals/ page, as well as in the category pages and in the search results.

If the "sort results by" is changed, then the main sort order will be by the selected value and the secondary order will be random.

Please make sure to Save and Regnerate the plugin pages after any chages are made within this interface to assure all changes are reflected on your website.

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